Dec 19, 2011

Review of Fans Bridge

Today I am going to introduce you a blog named Fans Bridge. Fans Bridge is a blog where you can learn about Facebook Marketing from Faissal Alhaithami, a 20 year old blogger from Qatar. The caption of the blog explains the blog – How to market on Facebook and Social Media.

The author started blogging in 2010. He decided to write only about social media. Later, he participated in the Traffic Generation Blogging Contest, organized by Comluv, Famous Bloggers and IBlogZone. His article “Facebook Advertising Killed Google Ad words” secured the 5th place in the contest. This changed his fortune. People started to ask advice from him on Facebook Marketing. Thus he wrote his first ebook Facebook Marketing Secrets guide. It received big attention from many people and bloggers.

Faissal Alhaithami enjoys blogging about social media marketing, especially Facebook marketing. He wants to help people to become successful. There are three sections in this blog: Facebook marketing tips, Facebook news and Facebook tutorials. In this blog, he demonstrates everything he does in Facebook marketing. He shares his strategies, tips, experiences, failures and successes. He guarantees that he will share everything he knows and that has worked for him. However you must understand that what he teaches will not obtain you quick success. Facebook marketing is a part of internet marketing which needs time and patience for it to be successful.

So, if you want to learn Facebook Marketing secrets, just visit Fans Bridge.

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