Jul 21, 2010

Simple Ways to Get Referrals Easily

Some programs pay for each referral that registers via your referral link. Getting a lot of referrals for the programs you have joined is vital for making a lot of money online. But getting referrals for the programs is not an easy task. This article will show some simple ways to get referrals easily for free.

1.Use your blog to get referrals: You can use your blog to get referrals. All you need to do is to write a post about the programs, you want to get referrals to join and encourage your blog readers and visitors to join the programs using your referrals link.

2.Ask your Friends and family to join: You can ask your friends and family to join the program from your referral link.

3.Use social networking sites: You can use social networking sites like facebook, orkut, myspace, etc to get referrals. Place your referral links in your profile and hope that people will join the programs using your referrals link.

4.Use Twitter: You can use twitter to get referrals. If you have large number of followers, then tweet about the program and place the link in your tweet.

5.Referrals Exchange: Exchange referrals with other people. You can join another program using another person’s referrals link and ask the person to join yours using your referrals link.

6.Using Website that offers free referrals service: Some of the websites that offer free referrals service are GetRef.com, simplerefs.com, trafficera.com and progrefs.com. These sites are free and can be very effective to help you get referrals for your programs.

7.Create video: You can create and use videos to attract user’s attention and turn them into your referrals. You can create a video about the programs and upload to YouTube and other video streaming sites. This way is a great method and a lot of people successfully get a lot of referrals using video.

8.Give free ads: You can give ads about the program on free advertising sites and place your referral link in the ad.


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