Jul 13, 2010

How to start a blog

In my previous article Earn money from Website or Blog, I have given a brief idea on how to start a blog or website. Today i will discuss it in details.
Now to start a blog you need a host and domain name for your blog. Choose a blog or web hosting company where you will register a domain name for your website or blog and you will host your website or blog. There are many web hosting companies available on the internet. They take some amount from you to give you the service. However, if you dont want to pay, there are free web hosts available as well. I suggest you to start with a free hosting company and later go for a paid hosting company. You may go for free blog hosting like Blogger. Just go to the site and register. Its completely free.
You should always remember the following, as it will help you in starting the blog:

1. Do not start the blog for making money---If you are starting the blog for making money only, its better you don`t start. Remember if you work hard money will definitely come. Don`t worry about it.

2. Choose a topic---Choose a topic on which you will start your blog. You should choose a topic which is comfortable for you to write and you can write on that topic for years.

3. Content should be original---It may happen that someone has already started a blog on your topic. But don`t worry about it. Try to write an article on your own. Give your own views. Don`t copy and paste an article from some other blog.

4. Work hard---Try to work hard. It will definitely produce results.

5. Update your website or blog frequently-- You should update your blog frequently. This will attract visitors and will help you to get into the search engines.

6. Visit my blog regularly----This is the most important step. You will definitely learn more. You may also ask me anything if you safe some problem.

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