Jul 14, 2010

How to popularize your blog

A blog without any traffic is good for nothing. Some of the ways by which you can popularize your blog are:

1. Write good articles-- To build a loyal blog audience, your content should be interesting and offer something to the readers that will urge them to come back for more. You need to write often and offer your readers some meaningful information to maintain their interest.

2. Submit your blog to various search engines--You should submit your blog URL to various search engines including the popular ones like Google and Yahoo. This will help you to appear in the search results of these engines.

3. Add links to other blogs-- Ask owners of some other blogs to place a link of your blog and in return you place their link in your blog. This will help you to get their visitors to your blog.

4. Use the comments section-- The Comment section of your blog is a simple yet effective tool to bring traffic to your blog. You need to respond to your readers comments to show how you are actively involved with the blog.

5. Use RSS Feeds-- Make it easier for your readers to read your blog by putting the RSS feed button on your blog. It will also help your feed subscribers to know when you publish new content even if they do not visit your blog.

6. Use tags-- The search engines notice tags easily. Make sure to include tags in your blog posts as it will get you some additional traffic.

7. Optimize your blog posts-- While you write your blog posts, try to include relevant keywords and links. Use of proper and relevant keywords play a major role in search engine optimization.

8. Use social bookmarking sites-- An easy way to boost traffic to your blog is to submit your blog URL to popular social book marking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.

9. Facebook Fan Pages--It is simple to create, easy and free. The best part is, once someone becomes a fan of your blog, they will then be able to see your blog updates when they are using Facebook.

10. Use Twitter-- Creating a Twitter account for your blog is another effective way to bring in a new readership, build a following and display your RSS feeds and updates directly

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