Jul 7, 2010

Earn money from Website or Blog

Today i will tell you how you can earn money from blog or website. Many of the people who write blogs or manage a website today, simply want to share their opinion on something. But then there are business-minded people, who have found out ways to use blogs or Websites, to bring in a little extra cash too. There are various sources by which you can earn money from a blog or a website. Some of them includes Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Private Advertising and a couple other methods. But, before thinking about the ways, you should first start a website or a blog. Follow the following steps for starting a website or a blog:

1. Choose a topic-- First choose a topic on which you will start your blog or website. You should choose a topic which is comfortable for you to write.

2. Choose a web hosting company-- Choose a blog or web hosting company where you will register a domain name for your website or blog and you will host your website or blog. There are many web hosting companies available on the internet. They take some amount from you to give you the service. However, if you dont want to pay, there are free web hosts available as well.

3. Update your website or blog frequently-- You should update your website or blog frequently. This will attract visitors and will help you to get into the search engines.

Now as you have started your blog or website, think of making money from it. Read below:
1. Google adsense is a program that is used by many website or blog owners. However for india and china, your website or blog must be 6 months old.

2. Kontera is a company that is best suited for small websites and blogs. They use the concept of inline ads. If your website or blog is 10 days old and has minimum content, you can apply.

3. You can use Banner advertisement.

4. You can start Affiliate Marketing on your website or blog.

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