Jul 23, 2010

Create mobile version for your blog or website

With the availability of WAP and regular browsers on mobile phones, a lot of people use Internet from their mobile phones. There are services using which you can create a new mobile site, or convert your existing blog (or website) into a mobile site and earn money by monetizing your mobile site. By converting your blog (or website) to a mobile version, you can be sure of getting more visitors and be available for your readers even when they do not have access to a computer. Some websites for creating mobile version for your blog or website are:

1. Mobilemo: It is a web-based platform for creating a mobile site in minutes. The mobilemo platform consists of tools and functions best suited for mobile marketing and customer interaction. It has both free and paid service.

2. MoFusePerhaps the best and most advanced service to create a mobile site with RSS feed from your blog or website.  MoFuse allows for monetizing your mobile website with Google Adsense for Mobile and AdMob.  The basic version is free and the Pro version costs $3 per month. With basic version, you get 50% of the revenue generated by your mobile site whereas with the Pro version you keep 100% of the revenue. The Pro version also gives you an unlimited SMS widget which you can put your blog and have your mobile site’s link sent as an SMS to your visitors.

3. MobiSiteGalore:  It is a free service, which lets you create new mobile websites with your own content. You can host with them or use your own domain name and hosting. The service is more focused on creating mobile version of standard personal and business websites and you can also add the RSS feed of your blog to display posts. MobiSiteGalore provides mobile site templates, WYSIWYG editor, ability to insert advertisements from AdMob and Adsense and also allows for collecting payments from your mobile site through PayPal, Google CheckOut and Bango.

4. Winksite:  Winksite lets you create 5 mobile sites for free.  You can create a new mobile site or mobilize your existing blog or website using its RSS feed URL. Winksite also provides readymade applications like Notes, Forums, Guestbook, Chat etc. which can be added to your mobile site.

5. Mippin:  You can convert your web site or blog into a Mippsite i.e. a mobile  version of your site for free.  Mippin also allows you to monetize your mobile site through advertisements from AdMob.

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